Brocante | Flea-market in the area

The season hasn’t really started yet, but overall on Sundays you can eat your heart out with second hand stuff – crockery – silver – paintings – jewelry – stamps – kitchen aid and all that your imagination can bring on the “Vide Greniers”.

In the Dordogne region the real season starts in March. From east to west and north to south you can, usually in the weekends, find the “brocante |Flee market | Vintage source | Hipster” markets in the little villages. Sometimes you have to follow the bright yellow signs to be led to a barn or old school in the country side to find your treasures.

Be not surprised to find real old interior design stuff on a table and priced really cheap. And if the price is not to your liking, negotiated… (Even though you think your French might not be good enough, the French all talk English when they want to sell). The markets always have some food and drinks to go with your browsing through stuff. So no need to bring containers full of food and beverages.

It’s best to go in the morning. Then you have the most choice and getting closer to summer the temperatures will go steep up after 10 am.

To find were to go: