About us

The French country house -La Maison Louverie- is stated in the Perigord Pourpre in the French Dordogne region and tucked in the green centre between Bergerac and Sarlat de Caneda. The first well known for it’s famous story of Cyrano de Bergerac, and the second known for it’s medieval architecture. The Bergerac area is easy to reach by plane, airport Bergerac (EGC) is just a 25 minutes drive away.

Wulf and Adeline met in 2014 on the expedition ship ‘Plancius’, from Oceanwide Expeditions. Boarding Ushuaia, Argentina and heading to Antarctica. A seven week trip from penguins to whales and from the South Shetlands to Tristan da Cunha further north to St. Helena. They went from -38 degrees to +40 degrees crossing hurricanes and equators. Both saw all the continents of the world but never thought of settling (together) in rural France. After they met a few times in the Netherlands and Germany, they were given the opportunity to live in a beautiful restored house, these days known as La Maison Louverie; the house of the wolfs den.cropped-logo-zwart.png