Market days

img_1062Market days in the Dordogne

Some people like it, others they stay as far away as possible: the weekly markets. If on a holiday why not try local markets? Immerge yourself in the local craftsmanship’s, food and wine and maybe you discover some local gems.

We think Lalinde (6 km) on a Thursday is a really nice market. But Issigeac on a Sunday is a must-go-to. (even if you are not a market person)

Here a list of the markets in the area. They are always in the town centers and usually between 8 and 12 AM.


Beynac | Le Fleix | Les Eyzies | St. Alvere


Beaumont du Perigord | Bergerac | Brantome | Cenac et St Julien | Lanouaille | Le Bugue | Mareuil | Neuvic | Riberac | Salignac Eyvigues | Thenon | Tremolat | Villefranche de Lonchat


Bergerac | Gardonnne | Hautefort | Jumilhac le Grand | La Tour Blanche | Montpon | Menestrerol | Montignac | Perigueux | Piegut Pluviers | Razac | Sarlat | Siorac en Perigord | Velines


Domme | Excideuil | Eymet | La Coquille | Lalinde | Monpazier | St Astier | St Julien de Lampon | Terrasson


Bergerac | Brantome | Cubjac | Le Buisson | Riberac | Sarlat | Vergt


Agonac | Beaumont du Perigord | Belves | Bergerac | Lalinde | La Roche Chalais | Le Bugue | Montignac | Mussidan | Neuvic | Nontron | Periqueux | Razac | Sarlat | Sigoules | St Aulaye | Thiviers | Verteillac | Villefranche du Perigord


Bergerac | Couze St Front | Daglan | Gardonne | Issigeac | Pontours | Pressignac Vicq | Rouffignac | Sarlat | Sorges | St Cyprien | St Genies |St Pardoux la Riviere

France’s 20 most beautiful villages

According to the British website and newspaper “The Telegraph”, there are 20 villages in France you have to visit. We have our own thoughts about some of them, but having said that; some of the places are jaw-droppingly-gorgeous.

If you haven’t decide yet were to go on a holiday, have a long weekend off, or you have more of an interest in sightseeing and culture (than getting drunk at a bar or lying at the beach all day) we promise: the Dordogne is the place to be!

We have the privilege to be in the center of 3 of those stunning villages:

  1. Ranked number 1.     Domme (less then 50 km)
  2. Ranked number 11.   Monpazier (25 km)
  3. Ranked number 14.   Roque-Cageac (43 km)

We have some availability left in July and August, so check our calendar to see when we can roll out the red carpet for you.

If you are fortunate enough to go on a holiday outside of the high season, September and October are possibly the nicest months in the Dordogne.

Please feel free to drop us a line or ask questions about the region and La Maison Louverie.

Best vide-greniers coming up..

.. As we were writing earlier, the season of brocante markets has started. And because our spring is a ‘petit cadeau’ at this time of year, it’s a must to go outside. This next coming 4 weeks have the best vide greniers of the year (in our opinion). So don’t miss out the bargains and wonderful priced secondhand stuff at:

Vide grenier Tremolat: sunday 16th of April

Vide grenier Beaumont du Perigord: monday 17th of April

Vide grenier Colombiers:  monday 8th of May

Enjoy Spring!

Brocante | Flea-market in the area

The season hasn’t really started yet, but overall on Sundays you can eat your heart out with second hand stuff – crockery – silver – paintings – jewelry – stamps – kitchen aid and all that your imagination can bring on the “Vide Greniers”.

In the Dordogne region the real season starts in March. From east to west and north to south you can, usually in the weekends, find the “brocante |Flee market | Vintage source | Hipster” markets in the little villages. Sometimes you have to follow the bright yellow signs to be led to a barn or old school in the country side to find your treasures.

Be not surprised to find real old interior design stuff on a table and priced really cheap. And if the price is not to your liking, negotiated… (Even though you think your French might not be good enough, the French all talk English when they want to sell). The markets always have some food and drinks to go with your browsing through stuff. So no need to bring containers full of food and beverages.

It’s best to go in the morning. Then you have the most choice and getting closer to summer the temperatures will go steep up after 10 am.

To find were to go:

Restaurants in the area

Read more about the favorite restaurants in the area in the Menu AREA and see were you can go for the best food. Including addresses and info..

Les Truffieres

‘Meet the world in an old tobacco barn with owner Yanick’ Les Truffieres is highly recommended because it’s a ‘one man orchestra’ where you ..

Le Bistro in Tremolat

A restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and..

Restaurant de l’Abbaye in Cadouin

This restaurant must be famous for it’s..

Chateau Les Merles in Mouleydier

This light, modern-classic interior with big fire place is a place for all.  If you like to dine a little bit more upper class …

La Petite Cuillère in Lalinde (only lunch)

This little gem in the site street of Lalinde is ‘the’ place were you need a break. The owners are always there and very hospitable. Their coffee|cappuccino is one of the few ..

P’tit Loup  (Calonne Bruno) in Lalinde

This quit eccentric place with same eccentric owner has regularly new art pieces on the wall. It is the locals pub ..

Ristorante All’Olivo in Lalinde

This fairly new Italian place is there to ..

Banana bar in Mauzac

The name suggest a ‘crazy bar with no limits’ if you are from the Netherlands..

Au Fil de l’Eau in Couze et St Front

CatNat in Lalinde (only lunch, closed on Sunday)


Le Coulobre in Lalinde (Only lunch. In summer dinner outside)


New website

.. We are online for a while. But new times require new measures, so we started with a new website. You can always help us by letting us know were we miss information you might need for a following booking. Please don’t hesitate.. We appreciate it very much.

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