Les Truffieres

‘Meet the world in an old tobacco barn with owner Yanick’

Les Truffieres is highly recommended because it’s a ‘one man orchestra’ where you will never be disappointed. In summer, between the herbs and vegetables, the garden is used as a dining experience.  In the Winter, the head turning interior is cosy and warm, kept alight by the big fireplace. Local produce means it is from the neighbor; so fresher than fresh. Make a reservation because he only takes in 2 to 12 guests an evening. Special diets can be requested while making a reservation. There is no menu, but be happily surprised by the gastronomic ideas and taste. A wine collection is available.

  • Closed on sunday & monday
  • Dordogne| French classic kitchen | Vegetarian on request
  • Lieu dit Bosredon, 24510 Tremolat
  • 0033 553 27 30 44
  • | no website but check  Tripadvisor
  • 20 minutes drive

Le Bistro (de la Place) in Tremolat

A restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and one of the favorites. Choose a day menu to get your best value. Some English speaking staff. Throughout the whole year locals and tourist know to find this place.

  • Open 7 days a week, reservation in summer is recommended
  • Dordogne| French classic kitchen | Vegetarian possible but very basic
  • De la Place, 24510 Tremolat
  • 0033 55 322 80 69
  • 15 minutes drive

Restaurant de l’Abbaye in Cadouin

This restaurant must be famous for it’s garlic soup. Real authentic French kitchen with  friendly service (English & Dutch speaking staff). ‘It’s not hard to start a restaurant, but keep it at the same good level all the time’ is definitely one thing you can say about this place. With a view on the abbey.
  • Open Tuesday till Saturday, Sunday only for lunch, monday closed
  • Dordogne | French classic kitchen | Vegetarian possible but basic
  • Place de l’Abbaye, 24480 Le Buisson-de-Cadouin, France
  • +33 5 53 63 40 93
  • No website but check Google reviews
  • 8 minute drive

Chateau Les Merles in Mouleydier

This light, modern-classic interior with big fire place is a place for all.  If you like to dine a little bit more upper class with old school rolls, silver cutlery but with excellent service and a very (very) reasonable price, this is your place. The lunch menu is served in French style (3 courses) or choose the smaller menu with great burgers, salad and ‘modern world food’. The menu’s in the evening are a mix of the French kitchen and modern cooking. Don’t hesitate to order the house wine. It’s grown in their own vineyard and absolutely recommended. Chateau Les Merles is also a hotel and a golf course (9 holes)
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Modern French| International kitchen | Always vegetarian options
  • 3 Chemin des Merles, 24520 Mouleydier
  • +33 5 53 63 13 42
  • Website
  • Directions
  • Less then 20 minute drive

La Petite Cuillère in Lalinde (lunch only)

This little gem in the site street of Lalinde is ‘the’ place were you need a break. The owners are always there and very hospitable. Their coffee|cappuccino is one of the few in the area were you want to order a second or third one. And their quiches are probably the best of the Dordogne, if not France. They don’t have a written menu but the owner is happy to tell what the 3 course menu is. Be on time, they only serve lunch between 12 and 14 o’clock and usually have a full house, especially on Thursday market day.

  • Monday closed
  • French kitchen | Vegetarian always possible and good
  • 12 Rue des Déportés, 24150 Lalinde
  • +33 5 53 27 36 39
  • No website but check Google or Tripadvisor
  • 7 minute drive

P’tit Loup  (Calonne Bruno) in Lalinde

This quit eccentric place with same eccentric owner has regularly new art pieces on the wall. It is the locals pub without being a pub. The food is simple but good and not expensive. The atmosphere is always there, because Nou-Nou the owner is the atmosphere (never ask for fish and chips though..) Inside there is always a fire burning. Outside they have two tables to scour the streets. If you don’t want anything fancy and just want something simple with good atmosphere, then this is your place. It’s been there for years for a reason.
  • Usually always open
  • French kitchen | Omelette for the vegetarians
  • 20 Rue Gabriel Péri, 24150 Lalinde
  • +33 5 53 24 90 75
  • No website
  • 7 minute drive

Ristorante All’Olivo in Lalinde

This fairly new Italian place is there to stay. With real Italian pasta’s and pizza’s but also with plain meat dishes and vegetarian starters and risotto. In the summer the terrace with old olive trees is a treat. In winter inside at a normal table or high table at the window is also a good good place to be. Genuine Italian desserts, not to sweet and nice wines are on the menu.
  • Closed on Wednesday
  • Italian taste (French kitchen)| vegeterian on the menu
  • 9 Place du 14 Juillet, 24150 Lalinde
  • +33 5 53 23 13 85
  • No website
  • 7 minute drive

Banana bar in Mauzac

The name suggest a ‘crazy bar with no limits’ if you are from the Netherlands.. But on the contrary. This little corner place at a green patio with shady plantains and view on the Dordogne river is a secret to the people that know it. They serve fantastic cocktails, not too fancy, just as they are supposed to taste and look; good coffee, nice hot chocolate on Sunday afternoons and a very nice menu. On the black board they note the temperature of the exterior, the water of the Dordogne and their beer. What else could you want? In the summer this is the place were you want to have your romantic dinner. Away from all the hustle and bustle, traffic and people. It’s a serene place their on the terrace, under the big cooling leaves.  But ssstt, let’s keep this place to ourselve..

 Au Fil de l’Eau in Couze et St Front

Classic dining with a view on the water. Dordogne specialties on the menu. They are there for a very long time. One of the better kitchens in the area and well known.

CatNat in Lalinde (only lunch, closed on Sunday)

Friendly service, good coffee, nice fries with the big lunch menu, Omelette de Cepes is specialty of the house. Possibly the best confit de Canard.

Located on the market of Lalinde

Le Coulobre in Lalinde (Lunch only. In summer dinner outside)
Good menu, local food and good portions. They have the best burgers in town but, not on a Monday because then the local butcher has a day of so no fresh meat… Their cheese with compote is fantastic and if a meat eater you have to go for the asiette the Perigordine. With all the specialties of the region on one plate.
Located on the market of Lalinde