Ancienne Boulangerie

This old bakery is petite but very romantic.

It is told that this little bakery was much bigger then it is in this century. The bread was made in the other part what momentarily is closed of but still can be seen as a stone half moon in the room. The real oven is almost as big as the room. From the outside the attached building looks spacies but inside it’s a little bit smaller; but cosy.

Bread was sold to the locals and handed to the pilgrims that rested a night in one of the rooms upstairs in the house before walking the last kilometers to Abbey the Cadouin, on the Santiago di Compostella route.

With a double bed, a coffee and tea station, small fridge, a closet, big mirror and a couch plus table it’s a comfortable room. Two small windows are viewing to the orchard were in season lot’s of fruits and nuts are growing. (and you are free to pick and eat them) A larger window on the north side will give a cool breeze in summer, so does the cieling fan. In the colder month it is really easy to heat the room and for more comfort, the bed is heated with an electric blanket (on request).

This room has NO attached bathroom. The bathroom can be shared with one of the three in the main house or in the Atelier kitchen in a seperate building.

Atelier bathroom: