Chambre Figue

€ 79 - € 99

  This romantic charming and spacious bedroom in soft country style colors decorated, has a double bed (160 x 180 cm) with a soft classic  padded bedboard. Via the bed and Barock mirror you have a marvelous view over the field and garden to the south. The en-suite bathroom has a bathtub, separate shower, sink, […]

Chambre Noix

€ 75 - € 95

  This spacious, yet charming room, is full of light and has lots of attention to detail. The large (1.80 x 2.00 m) four poster bed is decorated with soft linnen. A sitting area in front of a fireplace is ready to use for drinking local wine or having a snack. The table with four […]

Chambre Truffe

€ 79 - € 99

  Chambre Truffe: east meets west. This classic, in darker wood designed room has a direct access to the terrace/garden and has from the bed a marvelous view on the fields and forest. The grand four-poster bed (2 meter by 1.80) is decorated with stylish curtains and pillows. A comfortable couch, table with two ‘Chinese […]

Ancienne Boulangerie

This old bakery is petite but very romantic. It is told that this little bakery was much bigger then it is in this century. The bread was made in the other part what momentarily is closed of but still can be seen as a stone half moon in the room. The real oven is almost […]