Please contact us for more information on the accessibility of La Maison Louverie’s for people with disabilities or in need of assistance.

Accessibility for less mobile guests


When you have arrived at La Maison Louverie it is easy to park the car right in front of the door. The driveway has pebbles and with a small 40cm slope, you are at a tiled area in front of the door. The front door exists of 2 pieces. One standard door and on the right side an extra small strip door which can be opened by shifting two levers. The opening now is a meter wide. There is a small threshold with a height of 2 cm. You arrive in a spacious hallway with no thresholds to the living room (door 90 cm wide) bedroom, door (90 cm wide) or bathroom. The bathroom is accessible via the hallway and direct from the bedroom.

Bedroom downstairs

The bedroom is easily accessible via the living room (wide door) or via the bathroom that also connects to the hallway. There is a high bed in this room with access to the bed from the back. The sides of this Asian four-poster bed are higher and can be used as a handle to pull yourself up. there is a 30 cm high podium to assist with the height. There are 2 wide chairs with armrests, 2 chairs with no armrest, and a solid but comfortable couch. Access to the terrace via this room has a step down of 15 cm. Or access to the terrace via the living room with no step. Direct access to the bathroom, no thresholds. The room has a stone floor and is with 40m2 big spacious.

Livingroom – Kitchen

The living room connects straight to the bedroom (Truffe), the terrace, bathroom, hallway, and kitchen. No thresholds. Between the living room and kitchen is no door, just an opening. The dining table is high enough to park a wheelchair under it. The kitchen counters are high. The oven is a built-in under the stove. The freezer is on the bottom of the fridge and the microwave is standing on the countertop. The living room has next to a dining table and also a large lower table with a height of 65 cm. There are 2 couches, a round hocker/pouf a comfortable wooden chair, 8 dining chairs, and 2 dining chairs with armrests. Acces to the terrace with an easy-to-roll-over treshold and a wide door with glass windows.


The bathroom is easy accessible via the hallway and bedroom with wide doors. No thresholds and a stone floor. There are no extra handles in this bathroom that consist of a toilet, table, heater, towel rack, heated towel rack, sink, open wooden cabinet and a half-round shower. The shower has a step-up with a height of 20 cm. There are no extra handles in the shower. The bathroom is spacious and its easy to put a chair in for extra support. There is also a special non-slip mat available if needed.



Via the living room, the terrace is easily accessible. The terrace is spacious and has a solid underground with big even stone tiles. There are no obstacles to go into the garden/ grass. Left of the terrace there are 2 stone steps up to go to the rest of the garden/swimming pool. These steps can be avoided to go straight on the lawn and go around the small bushes and trees, There is a lot of space. On the right of the terrace, there are 3 steps down to go to the orchard. This can be avoided to go straight on the lawn and go around the border with flowers. The whole garden has grass and except for some ‘wavy bits’, pretty even.

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The swimming pool has a fence and a gate. Within this gate, there is a solid underground with even laid large stones. The pool has a Roman staircase of 4 wide steps to go in the un-deep part. There are no extra handels or bars. The un-deep part is 80 cm deep. In the middle of the pool, there is a slope and from there the pool goes to a depth of 2 meters.

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Guide or Service dog

At La Maison Louverie dogs are more than welcome. So especially when you have a guide dog, service dog, or an emotional support dog, then they are more than welcome too. Without any costs.

We are happy to help!