Maple tree in autumn colors

Everybody knows about the phenomenon Indian-summer and some are even ready to fly across the world to the North American continent to watch nature over there. Maybe it is in advertising or maybe simply because people don’t know that Indian summer is a ‘period’ and not a place. October is probably the most beautiful month in the Aquitaine region. Because of this period of warm and dry weather after rain, the colors are truly mind blowing. Even in the Sixteens-chapel in Rome, you will never find so much gold as here in the autumn season. The forests go from green to red, yellow and golden. If it were a painting you would bet it can never be real.

End of summer brings also freshness and coziness. The days are still nice and warm, sometimes with a cooling breeze. Around diner time you walk around with a scarf or light jacket and in the evening you drink a beautiful local wine in front of the fireplace. Because evenings and nights are getting cooler.

The grapes are picked – we are waiting for the new wines – there is an abundance of ready to be harvest other fruit. We would call it: ‘overkill’ especially our figs. (Can somebody just please come around and eat some. And then some…?) And no nuts – no glory: the hazelnuts and walnuts are ready too.

So if you have time and you love to photograph, you are a food l-o-v-e-r, you love touristy places but not the tourist.. Then this is your cue. October will not let you down. We call it Aquitaine-tober, because we think the Dordogne is as pretty as the American this time of year!

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